Visual campaign
University project

Branding, Print & Digital design, Website & Social media

Illustrator, Photoshop

The brief focused on the social impact Covid-19 was having on domestic violence in society. I created this campaign to target those in society who were unsure of how to engage or help someone in a volatile situation.
Choosing to use a non-gendered silhouette of a human was a decision I based on the research I had conducted throughout the project. From the surveys and interviews, feedback regarding a gendered image resulted in mixed reactions of feeling judged because that's how they were represented in advertising. The purpose of this campaign was not for society to feel judged instead feel empowered that they could help.

The colours orange and purple are the global colours associated with DV and specifically chosen for that reason. I carried this colour theme through all the print and digital applications that was required to draw attention. The webinar landing page on the other hand did not need this glaring attention, instead a softer palette was chosen to allow the user to feel welcomed and at ease when moving through the site.

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